Carol Edgeworth Training and Consultancy Services

Carol Edgeworth Training and Consultancy Services

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Providing a Holistic Service

With the 37 years of experience and knowledge gained in the Health and Social Care sector I am able to provide companies and their teams with advanced knowledge and expertise in a variety of subject areas.

I work in partnership with other trainers and subject specific specialists in order to be able to offer a holistic learning and development service covering a wider range of subject areas.

Learning and development sessions are always delivered in a way in which learners are encouraged to think outside of the subject area they are focusing on that day.  Organisational aims, values and sector aims and values are all embedded into each subject area delivered.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

I have worked in various capacities ranging from a Residential Social Worker to an Operations Manager before finally finding my niche as a consultant and trainer. With the vast experience I have now, I am able to spot areas where improvement is required or has been made.

In the last 15 years, I have focused on providing training to local authorities, charities, and the private sector. This has created many opportunities for me to collaborate with CEOs, learning/development teams, as well as care and nursing home managers in the implementation of workforce development programs.

Evolve Your Teams

Support your teams and business to evolve, don't deliver training courses in isolation.  It's time to consider how to evidence competency in the workplace and work with your teams to look at evidencing their Continuing Professional Development.

To look at how competency assessing and CPD can evolve your teams and organisation, get in touch with me.