Carol Edgeworth Training and Consultancy Services

Carol Edgeworth Training and Consultancy Services

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Hello and Welcome 

Providing professional care and support to people in various environments demands a high level of dedication, focus, and expertise. Beyond having up to date knowledge of the sector, practitioners need to be equipped with a compelling amount of confidence, foresight and empathy when providing person centred care and support.

My Aim

My aim is to provide a variety of outstanding financially sustainable services to the organisations I work alongside. I do this by creating a positive approach to workforce development and importantly, look at ways in which we can realistically measure the impact of all learning and development opportunities on practice.

Personalised Workforce Development Programmes

No two organisations are alike no matter how similar they function or provide services. This is why the workforce development training and programs I create and deliver are developed to enhance the current systems for training that the organisation has in place.

To learn more about how I can support your organisation to enhance your current workforce development plans, contact me, Carol Edgeworth Training and Consultancy Services, I’d be delighted to discuss your personal requirements with you. 

A Blended Training Approach

As a consultant and trainer, I am well aware of how people have different learning styles and life commitments which need us to approach our workforce development provision with a flexible approach.  I can work with you to create individual learning and development plans which will encourage and motivate your care and support teams to commit to their own personal development.